What We’ve Done

shamrock_run_portlandIn terms of numbers, the collective number of events we’ve done since 1979 falls into the 4-digit category. A rough count is about 1500 events – of all sizes and types. Many of these occur annually; some are national series events taking place in multiple locations.

To illustrate our longevity, we founded our two major Portland-area events in 1979. Now, that’s some history! With our innovative philosophy, these two keep growing – the Shamrock Run in Portland sees more than 35,000 participants each March and the Starlight Run more than 7500 during Rose Festival kick-off weekend in Portland in early summer.

In terms of kinds of things we’ve done, the list is a long one but here’s a snapshot:

  • Starlight-Run_pdxAthletic events (runs, walks, duathlons, triathlons, cycling, volleyball, rowing)
  • Artist and author tours
  • Conventions and trade shows
  • Fairs, festivals and civic events
  • Grand openings
  • Motorsports events
  • Musical performances
  • Movie premieres
  • Product launches