How We Do It

event_production_portlandWe believe in using the past as an ingredient to the future. Proven ideas blended with modern concepts can create wonderful things.

We help you determine a need, hatch an idea or a concept, decide on goals, outline a budget, develop a master plan, and form it all into a winning event. We believe in strong communication during the process of creating an event and a shared foresight of those involved in that process.

No matter the size, we bring a history of professionalism, a team that is dedicated, innovative and productive, and a deep sense of pride in the outcome. Further, we realize that we can’t do it all. All projects demand certain individual touches. Our co-creatives are numerous, allowing us to involve people with expertise in specialty fields such as:

  • Film and Video creation, production AND distribution
  • Logistics and administration
  • Music performances and the arts
  • Social media, PR and marketing

In addition, when choosing our suppliers of hard goods – the people who provide everything from toilets to tents to sound systems – we select the best in the geographical areas we serve. Developing and maintaining long term relationships with key vendors is a necessity in event production. In the Portland and Seattle areas, we’ve worked with many vendors for more than 25 years.